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In the Bible there are several great women but there are only two books in the entire Bible that are solely about women. One is Esther. We are going to take a journey back in time to see her in our mind. Ready? Let’s go! I  have also attached a picture of the page I Bible Journaled on Esther. If you have any questions about the process let me know.  

Xerxes was ruler over 127 provinces that was from India to Cush (upper Nile region). In his 3rd reign he threw a banquet. He allowed people to drink when and how much they desired. In those times you only drank when the king. Since he gave them free reign to drink what they wanted and how much you could say these men most likely was very drunk. The banquet lasted 180 days.

On the 7th day Xerxes requested the Queen Vashti to come to the banquet dressed in only her crown. He wanted to show her off because she was so beautiful. She refused and the king was angry. Of course, who could blame the Queen for not wanting to display herself in front of others especially a room full of drunk men. I must say this Queen was awesome. Though this story is about Esther Vashti was the first great women to show up in this story. She stood up to the king and kept her dignity. The king of course banished her from his presence. She was no longer Queen. To me this was a blessing in disguise. 

The king began to miss her so his people looked for him a new Queen. Several young ladies were taken to the king’s palace. One of them was Esther. Her uncle Mordecai had adopted her after her parents passed away. He had warned her not to tell anyone she was a Jew. She found favor with the people over the young ladies. She was prepared for the king. She spent 12 months having beauty treatments, oils, perfumes and cosmetics. As we know the king made her Queen because of her beauty.

Mordecai over heard some of the king’s people plotting on killing the king. He told Esther and she told the king what Mordecai told her. The king was pleased.

Haman was honored in the king’s court and it was required for people to bow before him when he walked by. Mordecai refused to do this. This made Haman angry. He not only set out to kill Mordecai but all the Jews. Haman went to the king and said a certain “people” do not obey the king’s laws. He didn’t mention it was the Jews or that he was going after Mordecai to kill him. Xerxes did not like it and said do what you want and gave him his ring so he could decree whatever he wanted against these people.

Haman had a decree go out in all languages and all the providences that on a certain date people would go out and kill the Jews. Mordecai sent a message to Esther to tell her what was being done. He let her know that she could be in danger herself. See if it was the king’s law even a queen was in danger. She didn’t think she could because she told him that she couldn’t go before the king unless he called her or she could die. She hadn’t seen in in thirty days. Mordecai replied saying, don’t think for a moment that because you’re in the palace you will escape when all other Jews are killed. If you keep quiet at a time like this, deliverance and relief for the Jews will arise from some other place. But you and your relatives will die. Who knows if perhaps you were made queen for just such time as this? She decided to fast for three days and go before the king. If I must die then I must die she says.

She went before the king and when he saw her he raised his scepter so she could come toward him. He asked what she wanted and offered her half the kingdom. She told him that first she wanted to throw a banquet for him and Haman. The king told his people and him and Hamon when to a banquet that Esther threw for them the next day. When the king asked Esther, what was her request again she told him again she was throwing them a banquet the next day. The king agreed and Haman was so proud that he had been at a banquet with just himself, the king and the queen and that he was invited again the next day. His excitement was short lived when he walked out and saw Mordecai. His anger rose and others said to make a long sharp pole and kill him.

That night the king couldn’t sleep so he called for the book of history of his reign be read. In it was told of Mordecai and about the plot against the king that he had relayed to the king to save him. He asked what reward did Mordecai receive for what he had done for the king? Nothing the attendant said. About that time Haman walked into the court yard all excited that he was going to get rid of Mordecai once and for all…….or so he thought. The king asked for him to come to him and he asked what he should do for someone who had did a great service for him, the king? Of course, Haman thought it was about himself and answered what he wanted. One of the king’s royal robes and one of his own horses with the king’s emblem on its head and someone going in front saying, “this is what the king does for those who he wishes to honor” as they go through the street.

Excellent! The king replied, “ go get a robe and a horse and do just as you say for Mordecai the Jew. Leave out nothing, do as you have suggested. Haman did as the king commanded him to do. After he had taken Mordecai through the streets with the horse and robe he went home dejected and humiliated.  His wife told him that since Mordecai was of Jewish birth that he would never succeed in any plans against him and it would be fatal to keep opposing him. About that time the king’s people came to take Haman to the king and queen’s banquet.

The king asked Esther again what she wanted. She told about the plot to kill her and her people. The king was angry and asked who would touch her. She told him Haman. Haman became scared and the king was angry and went into the palace gardens. Haman was in despair and fell on the couch where Esther sat. The king walked in and exclaimed, “will he even assault the queen right here in the palace before my eyes?”. The king’s attendants covered Haman’s face, signaling his doom. Someone told the king about the long pole Haman had prepared for Mordecai. He ordered Haman to be killed using that pole.

Esther reminded the king of the law that was passed about killing the Jews on a certain day. The king reminded her and Mordecai that he couldn’t stop the law but for them to make up another one and he gave his ring to Mordecai to make it. No law could be stopped once it was made, not even the king could stop it. So, the new law allowed all the Jews to protect themselves, even kill them, against anyone who tried to harm on that day. When the day came they prevailed against all that tried to harm the Jews. Mordecai became second in command.

God always put people in a place to protect his people when they are needed. Esther was made queen for a reason. It was to save God’s people. You may be where you are for a reason. YOU are here for a reason.


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