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Fear and Anxiety

We pretty much understand the meaning of the word fear. It is a griping emotion that wraps its self around our very being. Anxiety is pretty much the same. Both comes in different degrees. We can have slight fear and anxiety then there is the full-blown kind.

When something bad happens people will often question where was God? Why did he let this happen? God had nothing to do with the bad in the world. God is love. He is not the hate in the world. People have a choice what they do in life. Some listen to the wrong voice whispering in their ear. It causes them to do the wrong choices.
Have you ever been around an angry person? Could you feel the anger from them seemingly seeping into you? If you are around them long you will start to feel angry yourself. Could all that anger be what is disrupting nature around us? Just a wild thought I am sure but, really could it?
How do we handle all this anger that seems to be around us and causes us to fearful and anxious? One simple thing, God. We…
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How was your day God?

I had a thought last night as I laid in bed and talked to God. The thought was simple. Did God have a good day? How many people sought him out? How many asked him to come into their life? How many worshiped him that day? How many thanked him for the things in their life? Then I thought, did I do some of these things? Did you?
At the end of your day, ask God how was his day.


We have all ran into people who promise things and never come through with any or at least most of them. We sadly learn to believe those only when we see it come about.

With God it is a different story. In Psalms 89:33 & 34 it says But I will never stop loving him nor fail to keep my promise to him. No, I will not break my covenant; I will not take back a single word I said. NLT
How amazing is this! Never does God promise something that he decides later not to do. His word is true. He speaks and worlds appear. He spoke this world into existence. Though with us he created us out of the dirt of the ground and breathed life into us. He loved us that much. He could have just said the word and we would have “poof” been here. We have the very essence of God in us. That alone should excite us.
His word is so important. His words create life. If he says something than it has already begun. It was created when he spoke it.
What has he promised you? Have you had someone prophesy something o…



In the Bible there are several great women but there are only two books in the entire Bible that are solely about women. One is Esther. We are going to take a journey back in time to see her in our mind. Ready? Let’s go! I  have also attached a picture of the page I Bible Journaled on Esther. If you have any questions about the process let me know.  

Xerxes was ruler over 127 provinces that was from India to Cush (upper Nile region). In his 3rd reign he threw a banquet. He allowed people to drink when and how much they desired. In those times you only drank when the king. Since he gave them free reign to drink what they wanted and how much you could say these men most likely was very drunk. The banquet lasted 180 days.
On the 7th day Xerxes requested the Queen Vashti to come to the banquet dressed in only her crown. He wanted to show her off because she was so beautiful. She refused and the king was angry. Of course, who could blame the Queen for not wanting to display herself in…

Planner Stickers

Working away on planner stickers today. Taking a break and decided to write a short blog.

 What planners to you enjoy to use? Do you enjoy the Happy Planners or Erin Condren?

I have both and I enjoy both in its own way.  The HP I have a mini and the regular. I would love to get the large one also. I love my EC. I like the spiral better than the disks on the HP. Even though spirals get in the way sometimes I just enjoy how it opens better. Having the pages removable with the HP is a very good convenience.

What other planners do you use? I am curious and would love to have them all. Yes, I know that realistically I can't buy them all or possibly use them all. It is fun to dream.

Stickers and paint

Are you a planner or a fly by the seat of the pants type of person? I must admit I have been the latter one. Though I have learned to love my planner and get more done by using it.
I believe what got me hooked was the stickers you can use in planners. Oh, the Joy it gives! They are so pretty! It makes making your life organized so much fun.
I started with a love for Bible journaling. I felt like I should be guilty for coloring and painting in my Bible but got over it with the first color that went down.
So, combining both loves and sharing it with the world is just amazing to me.
Stay tuned for some wonderful goodies coming!
Until then have a wonderful day and keep creating!